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Nearly All Smart Home Lighting Users Have Integrated Solutions

According to a recent survey by ON World, 95% of smart home users have smart lighting products that work with other smart home products. Cameras and smart speakers are the most commonly integrated with smart lighting followed by security sensors, home theater, smart door locks, smart thermostats, distributed audio speakers, and smart plugs/outlets.

ON World's survey with 250 smart home lighting users in the United States also found that nearly three quarters (73%) have two or more other smart home product types that integrate with their smart lighting products. Two in five respondents (41%) have three or more smart lighting integrations other than smart speakers.

Growing Need for Whole Home Automation

Consumers are demanding better application integration to maximize the benefits of their smart home automation systems. For example, consumers want their smart lighting products to work seamlessly with security systems so lights come on when a camera or sensor detects movement or when a door is unlocked. Alternatively, you may want to have your lights dim or turn off or on when your thermostat adjustment changes. Other popular smart lighting integrations include home theater (39%), distributed audio (26%) and smart plugs (15%).

Although "Data Reliability," "Usefulness," and "Seamless Installation" are the most highly rated features, nearly 1 in 3 respondents indicate that "Whole Home Automation" is "important" or "most important." Moreover, over one in three indicate that “Complexity” and "Lack of Compatibility" are top concerns.

Simplified Smart Lighting Integration with Matter

The Matter smart home standard addresses these concerns by providing multi-vendor interoperability for seamless whole home automation. Smart lighting products such as light bulbs, switches, plugs and outlets are some of the initial supported device categories.

Matter certified smart lighting products are available today by Eve, Nanoleaf and TP-Link as well as whole home controllers by Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung in the form of smart TVs, smart speakers, and hubs.

Two-thirds (67%) indicate that they had their smart lighting products installed by a home service provider such a security service provider or cable/telco. Over half (56%) installed at least one smart lighting product themselves or by a family member or friend and 1 in 5 only used DIY without help from a professional installer.

Insatiable Appetite for Smart Home Lighting

The surveyed smart lighting users own an average of 9.7 smart home products and 39% have more than 10. Smart light bulbs are the owned by nearly two-thirds followed by smart light switches (57%) and smart plugs/outlets (32%). Seventy-one percent (71%) purchased their first smart lighting product in the last three years.

In addition to smart lighting, respondents also own smart speakers (66%), Security camera or video doorbell (59%), Smart door lock (49%), Smart security sensor (47%), Smart appliance (35%), Smart thermostat (32%).

Sixty-one percent (61%) are very likely to purchase additional smart lighting products in the next 12 months. Most respondents are planning to purchase several smart lighting products including smart light bulbs, light strips, switches/dimmers, lamps and light fixtures.

The most popular smart lighting brands include Philips Hue (69%), GE (41%), Leviton (36%), Ring (29%), Lutron (25%), Wiz (22%), Wyze (17%), Merkury (15%), Belkin Wemo (14%) and Kasa/TP-Link (14%).

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