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DIY Used by 60 Percent of Smart Home Security Owners

Americans continue to turn to smart home security solutions as crime rates escalate across the United States. According to a Gallup poll published in January 2023, 72% of US adults think crime will increase this year compared with last year.

ON World's March/April 2023 survey with 500 smart home users found that two-thirds own at least one smart home security product such as a camera, video doorbell, smart door lock and/or safety/security sensor. For current users, purchasing additional smart home security products and services is likely. Almost half indicate they are likely to purchase cameras/doorbells, smart door locks and/or sensors within the next 12 months.

2 in 3 Purchased Their First Smart Home Security Product Since 2020

Another in-depth survey with 150 smart home security users, also completed in April 2023, found that nearly 2 in 3 purchased their first smart home security product within the last three years. Video doorbells were the most popular product segment with 56% of respondents purchasing one within the last two years followed by cameras, smart door locks, smart motion sensors, and smart door/window contact sensors.

DIY solutions continue to advance with 60% indicating that they installed their security product(s) themselves, by a family member or a friend. Home security service providers were used by 64% and 23% indicate they used another type of professional installer.

Nearly Half Want Whole Home Integration

Smart home security users have frequent interaction with their smart home security products. Our survey found that 30% "adjust, program or interact with their smart home security products" at least daily and 45% do at least every few days. They indicate that the "Important" or "Most important" smart home security features include Reliability (66%), Usefulness (60%), Whole home integration (44%), seamless installation (38%) and Interoperability (23%).

Two-Thirds Likely to Purchase Multiple Products in the Next Two Years

Half (49%) of respondents are "Very likely" to purchase additional smart home security products in the next 12 months. Cameras top the list of planned products followed by smart door locks then video doorbells and smart motion sensors, smart smoke/CO detectors and smart water leak/flood sensors. Multiple future products are also likely as two-thirds are planning to purchase more than one smart door lock, camera or sensor within the next two years.

The brands respondents are most likely to own or considering purchasing from include Google Nest, Ring, Blink (both owned by Amazon), GE, Arlo, Schlage, Wyze, Merkury Innovations and Kwikset.

Amazon is by far the most likely source for future products followed by electronics outlets such as Best Buy, home centers such as Home Depot and Lowe's. One in three respondents are likely to purchase through home security service providers (e.g. ADT, Comcast and Vivint).

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