About Our Research

ON World provides world class research
and business intelligence on Internet of Things markets.

Our research reports and services provide Fortune 1000 companies, startups, and investors with the market data and strategic analysis they need to succeed in rapidly evolving technology markets.

We are distinguished by the following:

People -- We have assembled a world-class team of analysts who have industry experience relevant to the Internet of Things and related technology areas including networking/communications, MEMS, IT systems and cloud computing.

Proprietary Systems -- Our proprietary research system emphasizes extensive primary research with vendors, suppliers, and end users; ongoing compilation of market intelligence from thousands of public and private data sources; as well as systematic analyses and forecasting processes. We invest a large percentage of our profits in leading edge information technologies that we use for every step in our methodology.

Position -- We focus exclusively on Internet of Things markets and have invested in information technology systems that model the specific challenges for products such as sensor networks (e.g. performance, scalability and power management).

Pricing -- Our research methodology and proprietary systems focus on the unique needs of Internet of Things markets so that we can offer you -- our customer-- maximum research value at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Our Advantages

Experienced Analysts -- Each research channel is covered by at least two senior analysts with combined relevant industry and/or research experience of 20 years or more. Each channel team includes a technical advisor often with a doctorate degree in a relevant industry area.

Real-world Focus -- Our research system enables us to keep up-to-date with market developments, technology trends, and competitive forces so we can provide our customers with current business intelligence to help them win in today's global marketplace.

Relationships -- ON World's ongoing relationships with executives at startups and Fortune 1000 companies ensures we stay on top of rapidly changing market conditions, new business models, and the disruptive impact of emerging wireless technologies.

Unbiased -- As an indepedent research firm, ON World has no vested interest in any companies, technologies, markets or standards.

Responsive to your Needs -- Our research is strongly influenced by our customers' input on their research needs and wants. If you have a specific research request, please send us an eMail

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Research Methodology

ON World's research methodology features extensive primary research (including phone interviews and online surveys), ongoing review and filtering of market data from thousands of public and private data sources, as well as systematic analyses and forecasting processes.

  • Preparation - Before beginning a new report we get feedback from our customers to define the market, technology, and product/service scope as well as other research objectives such as investigating specific end users' needs.

  • Primary Research - We complete surveys with hundreds of end users, vendors, and suppliers every quarter.

  • Competitive Landscape - Product segmentation, competitor "disruption" and "sustainability" evaluation, value system analysis and other competitive forces.

  • Technology Dynamics - Competing alternatives, standards, performance, functionality, pricing and other technology forces.

  • Market Forces - Segmentation and analysis of the industry, economic, end user and regulatory forces.

  • Forecasting - Total potential market sizing, adoption drivers and inhibitors, and projections by market, application/product segment, geography and technology.

  • Report Writing - Each report-- authored by at least two senior analysts-- includes the following major sections:

    • Executive Summary - research highlights and key findings.
    • Ecosystem - analysis of the market opportunity and value system
    • End User Views - Consumer/end user adoption trends, needs, wants and preferences.
    • Product Analysis - Retail sales trends by product/segment, technology and channel.
    • Target Markets - analysis and forecasts by market segment.
    • Technology Dynamics - competing alternatives, standards and supporting technology forces.
    • Competitive Landscape - competitive analysis and profiles.

Research Services

ON World's IoT research services have been used for Fortune 1000 companies, investors and startups for the past 15 years. A few examples of our services include the following:

Market feasibility studies
Investment analysis
Business plans and investor pitch assistance
Competitive analysis
Technology evaluation
Strategic partners

Value chain analysis/Market positioning
Go-to-market strategy
OEM/End user interviews and surveys

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