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Smart Speakers, Distributed/Multi-Room Speakers

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Customized Market Research Data:

ON World's market research is used by Fortune 1000 companies, investors, startups and developers worldwide.

Our datasets include market size forecasts, ecosystem surveys and other market data, customized to your specific needs.

Delivery format: Excel, PPT

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Smart speakers are one of the fastest growing consumer electronics markets that have redefined the smart home with mass market innovations. The global smart speaker market has reached a tipping point as it reaches near saturation in maturing markets such as the US and Europe while adoption accelerates in Asia, Latin America and the rest of the world.

Adoption has been volatile during the pandemic with annual growth rates that surged in 2020 but then declined in 2021. The outlook is bright, however, with many consumers who own multiple smart speakers.

Growing trends that are driving smart speaker adoption include smart displays, stereo quality sound and distributed multi-room audio. Multi-room, distributed audio wireless speakers predate smart speakers with integrated voice assistants by about a decade. Today, dozens of vendors provide multi-room speakers and soundbars that allow stereo quality audio to be distributed throughout one’s home. Many of these also provide integrated voice assistants.

Convergence between smart speakers and multi-room speakers is accelerating. This is illustrated by the Apple HomePod Mini that provides multi-room audio and stereo quality that challenges high end brands as well as a low price that competes with mainstream smart speakers by Amazon and Google. Multi-room audio pioneer and market leader Sonos has developed its own voice assistant to work with its popular smart speakers and soundbars.

By 2028, there will be nearly half a billion smart speakers sold worldwide when it will reach a $22.2 billion market by this time.

This research service is based on ongoing phone interviews and surveys with thousands of consumers and hundreds of retailers, home service providers and vendors as well as thousands of online product listings. It provides in-depth analysis and market sizing data on the smart home audio market.

Your customized data includes 6-year market size forecasts on smart home audio products, online sales trends as well as market data from our surveys with consumers, professional installers and other stakeholders.


ON World's granular smart home market size forecasts are by product segment and other product feature variations with breakdowns by country and distribution channel. Our forecasts are continually updated and are customized to meet your specific needs.

Smart Home Audio Product Segments:

• Smart speakers
• Distributed/Multi-Room speakers

Standard Breakdowns:

• Region: North America (US, Canada)
• Historical Data: 2 previous years
• Projections: 6 years including the current year
• Forecast unit: Annual device shipments and equipment revenues
• ASP: Retail price
• Channels

Optional Breakdowns:

• Product feature/function
• Cumulative products or systems in use
• Service revenues
• Channel segments
• Market shares

Delivery Format: Excel


ON World's smart home research data is based on surveys with 1500+ consumers and hundreds of retailers, professional installers and other service providers.

Our ongoing primary research on smart home products, services and technologies spans the whole smart home value chain including the following:


• Smart home users/early adopters
• Likely future smart home users
• Broadband users

Retail Store Sales Reps:

• Electronics Outlets (e.g. Best Buy, The Source)
• Home Centers (e.g. Home Depot, Lowe's, RONA)
• Mass Market chains (e.g. Walmart, Target, Canadian Tire)
• Hardware stores (e.g. Ace Hardware)

Professional Installers:

• CEDIA dealers
• Home builders
• Contract installers

Service Providers:

• Utilities
• Security services
• Cable/telco operators

Online Product Listings:

• 5,000+ product listings from dozens of web storefronts (Amazon.com, Bestbuy.com, etc.)
• 1+ million ratings/reviews
• Tracking sales growth, pricing, features, consumer feedback


• Platform providers
• Device manufacturers
• Software developers
• Component suppliers

Delivery Format: PPT


Every year, ON World surveys thousands of individuals in the smart home ecosystem including:

End User Datasets:

Early adopting consumers
Early majority consumers
Home security providers
Cable/Internet service providers
Telecom operators
Professional installers
Retail outlets (e.g. Best Buy, Home Depot, Walmart)
Home builders

Technology Companies:

Every quarter, ON World conducts hundreds of interviews and surveys with executives and product managers with service providers, manufacturers, software developers and component suppliers involved with smart home automation. Examples of recently interviewed/surveyed companies include:

Device Manufacturers:

Ultimate Ears

Industry Alliances:

Bluetooth SIG
ECHONET Consortium
Connectivity Standards Alliance
The Thread Group
Open Connectivity Foundation

Service Providers & Retailers:

Apple Stores
Bed Bath & Beyond
Best Buy
Canadian Tire
Home Depot

Methodology Workflow:

Forecast Summary
Forecast Scope

I. Ecosystem Analysis

• Trends & Developments
• Market Forces & Drivers
• Economy/Industry Financials
• Market Segmentation
• Channels

II. Technologies & Standards

• Competing alternatives
• Emerging technology trends
• Zigbee
• Thread
• Matter
• Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA)
• The Thread Group
• Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF)

III. Value System

• Product segmentation
• Market leaders
• Innovators/Disruptors
• In-depth investigation and analysis of top 40 companies that are having the biggest impact on the smart home audio ecosystem today.
• Current offerings, products and services, pricing, differentiators
• Financials, partners, go-to-market strategy
• Standards supported, software, tools, integration, key features...

IV. Primary Research

Ecosystem Surveys:

Conduct surveys with ecosystem stakeholders to learn recent adoption trends, preferences and likelihood of future purchases.

Sample consumer survey questions:

• Number of Smart Home Products Owned
• Smart Audio Products Owned
• Other Smart Home Products Products Owned
• Primary Smart Home Adoption Driver
• Installation Method
• Installation Challenges
• When Purchased First Smart Home Energy Product
• When Likely to Adopt
• Planned Smart Home Audio Products
• Important/Most Important Features
• Preferred Brands
• Preferred Channels
• Reasons for Not Adopting
• Maximum Spending

Other ecosystem stakeholders we regularly survey include retail sales reps, professional installers, home service providers, builders and vendors/suppliers.

Online Product Analysis:

Our proprietary database includes thousands of online smart home product listings and over a million consumer reviews that are continually categorized, filtered and analyzed.

V. Market Size Forecasts

• Product segmentation
• Region/channel segmentation
• Financials/industry trends
• Consumer confidence
• Professional services sales model
• Retail/in-store sales model
• Online sales model
• Unit shipments
• Average sale prices
• Equipment revenues

About ON World:
ON World provides business intelligence on Internet of Things markets. Since 2003, our market research has been used by Fortune 1000 companies, investors and IoT developers worldwide.