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Transportation LPWA Revenues Will Approach $12 Billion by 2022

San Diego, California, -- At a pivotal time for the transportation industry, LPWA technologies such as Sigfox, LoRa®, LTE-M and NB-IoT will accelerate IoT adoption in dozens of transportation markets over the next few years, according to IoT market research firm ON World.

 “LPWA technologies are reshaping low power outdoor sensing and control networks with low cost multi-kilometer ubiquitous cloud connectivity,” said Mareca Hatler, ON World’s research director.  “The rapid migration to electric vehicles and other clean air trends such as car, ride and bike sharing are some of the fastest growing IoT markets that are well suited to LPWA solutions.” 

LTE-M and LoRa provide unique advantages for transportation IoT by enabling ultra-low power consumption for mobile vehicle sensors.  NB-IoT is most suited to fixed wireless sensing such as parking management, streetlight monitoring and electric vehicle charging infrastructure monitoring. 

Most LPWA technologies are targeting tracking and locating mobile assets with an accuracy of a hundred meters.  For example, bicycles and rapidly expanding e-Bike offerings represents one of the largest potential LPWA markets with over 1 billion in use worldwide.  Intensifying efforts to reduce dependence on gas-powered vehicles has resulted in today’s billion-dollar bike sharing industry and accelerating adoption of electric vehicles.

Driven by the enormous popularity and brand awareness of Tesla’s vehicles, self-driving electric cars and trucks that travel hundreds of miles on a single charge has transformed the auto industry.  At the same time, smart city initiatives are appearing worldwide for energy efficiency, pollution abatement and streamlined resident services such as streetlight monitoring, parking availability, traffic signal optimization, electronic tolling and monitoring of bridges, dams, canals and tunnels.

Transportation LPWA revenues will increase by 5X over the next five years to reach $11.8 billion, including equipment and services.  However, the opportunities vary significantly for each of the market segments including local government transportation systems, connected vehicles, electric vehicle charging infrastructure and bike tracking.

For more information about ON World’s report, “Transportation LPWA,” go to: https://www.onworld.com/transportationlpwa

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