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One Quarter Billion Enterprise and Industrial LPWAN Devices by 2025

San Diego, California, June 22, 2016-- As demand for Internet of Things solutions continues to accelerate, Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technologies are disrupting existing wireless IoT technologies while enabling new applications and services, according to global technology research firm ON World.

“While many of the initial LPWAN products are focused on replacing cellular technologies, the largest opportunities are enterprise IoT solutions using unlicensed wireless technologies such as ZigBee, Thread, Bluetooth and WiFi,” says Mareca Hatler, ON World’s research director.  “Therefore, LPWANs will disrupt existing technologies for some markets but the majority of LPWAN connections will be for unique solutions.”

Today, $10 LPWAN radios are capable of ten-mile ranges with 10-year battery lifetimes.  However, the most disruptive aspect of LPWANs is that end node complexity is off loaded to the cloud, simplifying installation, maintenance, application development and integration.

ON World’s April 2016 survey with IoT developers found that 59% are researching, pilot testing or developing LPWAN solutions.  Two in five are developing new LPWAN solutions that cannot be done with other wireless technologies and one third are targeting existing applications that use other wireless technologies.

A few of the companies involved with enterprise LPWANs and their offerings include the following:

  • Smart campuses and smart construction sites by SmartSensor Labs
  • A digital software platform for collecting and sharing IoT information by Intent Technologies
  • An open development and integration platform by relayr
  • Smart buttons by The Button Corporation
  • Remote asset monitoring by Oceasoft, SENET and Worldsensing
  • Smart crop systems by Libelium, Weenat and Yzatec
  • Animal health monitoring by Quantified Ag
  • Asset tracking by HidnSeek, Sensolus, Senso Wave and Traqueur

By 2025, there will be over a quarter billion LPWAN devices installed worldwide for smart building, industrial, agriculture and logistics applications.  The majority of these will be new applications that are not feasible with other technologies.

ON Word’s recently published reports, Industrial LPWAN,” and “Enterprise LPWAN” are based on surveys and interviews with over 140 wireless/IoT market leaders and innovators.  Each report includes analysis and market size forecasts for LPWANs by market, application, technology, geography and by new versus displaced solutions; a survey on wireless IoT adoption trends; findings from several network tests on LPWAN technologies; and profiles of 60+ companies.

Free executive summaries are available for both reports.

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