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30 Percent More Americans Prefer Smartwatches Over Activity Trackers

Smart watches are the most preferred wearable technology product, according to a recent survey by ON World.  Apple’s yet-to-be-launched iWatch is preferred by the majority of likely buyers but competitors have a growing advantage in a younger demographic..

San Diego, CA May 29, 2014— Consumers are most likely to purchase a smart watch compared with other mobile sensing wearable technology products, according to global technology research firm, ON World.

“Wearable tech is one of the fastest growing Internet of Things markets,” says Mareca Hatler, ON World’s research director.  “Wristworn devices are preferred by the majority of consumers who are most interested in a general purpose smart watch rather than dedicated fitness devices such as activity trackers and heart rate monitors.”

ON World’s recently completed survey with 1,000+ U.S. adults found that one in five either have or are planning to purchase a wearable technology product by next year and 32% are likely to purchase a wearable technology within two years.

Almost half of the likely smart watch consumers are interested in using a yet-to-be-launched Apple smart watch followed by Samsung’s Gear, Sony’s SmartWatch, Pebble and a Microsoft smart watch.  An Apple smart watch appeals to all ages but youths 18 to 24 years olds are at least two times more likely to want to use a Samsung Gear or Pebble smart watch compared with other age ranges. 

Forty percent of the respondents are willing to pay at least $99 for a smart watch that has integrated blood pressure, heart rate and activity tracking sensors.  Males are more likely to be interested in smart watches today and the Samsung Gear has the widest gender gap currently.

Two-thirds of the respondents interested in wearables are likely to purchase a smart watch and/or activity tracker and many of them are also interested in smart glasses, heart rate monitors or smart clothing.  Although wristbands are the preferred wearable form factor, respondents-- especially youths-- are also interested in smart glasses, rings and headbands.

Fitness is the most popular wearable technology application and a third of the respondents also believe that wearable technology will have a positive impact on health and wellness.  Concerns about privacy and security rank almost as high as costs while concerns about battery lifetime and ease of use have lessened since ON World’s previous smart watch survey in 2013.

The survey, “Wearable Technologies,” is published in PowerPoint and may be purchased separately or as part of a report set.  More information is available from: http://www.onworld.com/wearables

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