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108 Million Smart City Lights by 2025

San Diego, California, April 11, 2018-- Intelligent lighting has become the foundation for smart cities, according to a recently published report by global IoT research firm ON World.

“Offering a fast ROI and ongoing operational benefits, there are few major cities today that are not considering a smart lighting system,” said Mareca Hatler, ON World’s research director.  “Adoption accelerators include the rapid migration to LED lighting, low-cost, low-power wireless sensor network technologies and maturing cloud IoT frameworks.” 

There are over 100 companies from the lighting, utility/energy, IT and Telecom industries targeting the smart city lighting market with networking systems, software platforms, add-on devices and services.  Smart city platforms are a multi-billion-dollar investor opportunity with mergers and acquisitions underway such as Verizon of Sensity Systems and Itron of Silver Spring Networks.

Competition is continuing to grow for smart lighting wireless technologies.  Wireless mesh systems are used in the largest deployments such as Florida Power & Light’s recently completed installation of 500,000 smart streetlights using Silver Spring Networks’ smart lighting platform.  However, Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks such as Sigfox, LoRa®, NB-IoT and RPMA are aggressively targeting this ecosystem with accelerating adoption by major network operators worldwide.  In addition, Telensa, a LPWA pioneer, remains the outdoor smart lighting leader.

ON World’s analysis of hundreds of outdoor smart lighting projects worldwide found that over half of the installed outdoor smart lighting units are by companies from the IT/Telecom industry, followed by advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) vendors and then lighting manufacturers.  After years lagging behind the UK, United States became the largest geographical market in 2017 based on the total installed units, including streetlights and other forms of outdoor smart lighting. 

In 2025, there will be nearly half a billion outdoor lights in use worldwide.  From our most aggressive viewpoint, 1 in 4 will have a control system and reach 108 million connected lights by this time.  Streetlights will make up the majority, but other market segments such as campuses, car dealer lots, parking garages, shopping malls and other forms of area lighting have faster deployment cycles.

For more information about ON World’s report, “Smart City Lighting,” go to: https://www.onworld.com/smartcitylighting

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ON World (http://www.onworld.com) provides global business intelligence on Internet of Things markets for Fortune 1000 companies, investors and IoT developers worldwide.

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About ON World:
ON World provides business intelligence on Internet of Things markets. Our market research is used by Fortune 1000 companies, investors and IoT developers worldwide.

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